Sunday, 16 January 2022



In our holiday farm we have 6 horses.!

Mirtillo, Iscky, Piffero nella Trappola, are three beautiful Maremma horses, a typical breed from Maremma.

Celia and Biscotto are horses of the ''Monterufoli'' breed. It is a typical breed from Tuscany that has almost disappeared. In the past  they were used for their strength and resistance to fatigue, in the woods of Pisa and Grosseto, attached to chariots or they were ridden for trasport and small commerce.

Cucciola is a lovely example of TPR, a horse for agriculture works,  a strong and quick carthorse.
In the past these horses were used by the peasants to pull the ploughs to work the soil. Now they have been replaced by tractors so they're used to pull carts carts, or to ride them.  They are also very sweet friendly animals.!!

Every Monday afternoon, the children and the adults who are interested can ride these horses with our assistance, to know these wonderful animals a bit better!!!